Charterhouse Square social activities mailing list

This list has the following description:

This is a mailing list to facilitate social interactions on the
Charterhouse Square campus.

It can be used to let people know of an event, find people with
similar interests, find out if someone else is going to an event,
ask for suggestions...

At the moment, I have set up the list so that all replies go
directly to the sender of the message to the list, to make sure
subscribers to the list don't receive multiple emails about
something they may not be interested in.


You like classical music and would like to know if someone would be
interested in joining you for a concert

You want to set up some activity on campus

You want to know if anybody else is passionate about birdwatching
and would like to meet them around a cup of tea

You're spending the weekend in Paris and would like to know if
people have places/restaurants/caf�s to suggest.

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