PCTU Data Management Enquiries List

This list has the following description:

Management Enquiries List.

This list is the main email contact to be used by PCTU-supported
trial teams and other end users for data management and trial
applications related queries and issues.

The use of this email is recommended to ensure that the request
is taken into account and properly assigned to the workload of a
member of the PCTU DM and Clinical IT team. Requests sent
directly to individual team members will not be prioritised and
may not be dealt with until resent through the proper channel.

To avoid delays in dealing with your enquiries, please ensure
the following basic information is provided for any request:

* Subject line must include the Trial Acronym (eg.GEM, IBIS, etc.)

* If you know the member of the team who is the liaison person
for your trial, then please put the email to their attention on
the subject line, eg. "Attn: John".

Thank You.

PCTU Clinical IT Team

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