QM Health Communication Network Mailing List

This list has the following description:

The Health Communication Network (HCN) brings together scholars across QMUL who work within the field of health communication broadly defined as the study of
environmental, social and psychological influences on behaviour and health. The complexity of health behaviour determinants often requires a multidisciplinary approach for
promoting change. The growing field of health communication is also increasingly placing emphasis on combining theory and practice in understanding communication processes
and influencing human behaviour. Taken together these developments heighten the need to design projects that incorporate expertise from a variety of backgrounds. The network
aims to support such requirements for collaboration by facilitating networking and knowledge exchange between the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and researchers in
the School of Medicine and Dentistry and Faculty of Science and Engineering. The network builds on existing collaborations between linguists and researchers in Psychology, and
Medicine in order to facilitate further cross-Faculty connections and bid preparations focused on communication in disease prevention and health promotion. HCN has three
primary aims:

- To provide a forum for health researchers working within QMUL to meet and interact with the many potential collaborators in Schools across the Institution.

- To raise the profile of QMUL as a forum of health communication research among UK and international universities and research organisations

- To bring together researchers, practitioners and health charity representatives to participate in joint seminars and bid preparations.

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