London Digital Humanities Group mailing list.

This list has the following description:

This is the mailing list for the London Digital Humanities
Group, a group of early-career scholars involved in the creation
of digital resources for the arts and humanities. The group aims
to provide a forum in which to discuss how new digital
technologies (the world-wide web, geographic information
systems, text-analytical software, wiki-based peer
collaborations, multimedia environments, to name a few) can open
new avenues of research in the arts and humanities. It also
serves a practical function by enabling its members to discuss
the planning, funding, progress, and afterlife of a range of
digital projects, such as the creation of online databases,
electronic editions, and topographical resources. Undertaking
research in this rapidly changing area can be daunting; we hope
the group will provide its members with an opportunity to share
their experiences and support each other�s projects.

We meet around twice each semester to hear a seminar-like
presentation about a given project, followed by questions and
discussion. Anyone with an interest in digital humanities is
welcome to attend. Details of meetings and events will be posted
to this list.

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