Banking and Finance Law Institute

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The Banking and Finance Law Institute is a centre of excellence
in research and teaching of banking and finance law and is part
of the Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS) in the School of
Law at Queen Mary, University of London. The Institute is a
leading centre on banking and finance law in the world. Its
members offer a wide range of courses in banking and finance
law, organise and contribute to conferences across the globe,
and influence national, European and international regulatory

The Institute of Banking and Finance Law offers LLM programmes,
MSc programme, a certificate programme and a diploma programme.
The specialisation attracts a large number of students and the
Institute’s modules are amongst the most popular choices amongst
our students.

The combined expertise of the academic staff provides students
with a wide range of skills to go into practice, the judiciary,
academia, regulatory agencies, the financial world or
international organisations.

The Institute’s research covers the most topical subjects in the
field of banking and finance and include: central banking,
international banking, international capital markets,
international monetary law, derivatives, corporate finance,
M&As, EU financial law, resolution and insolvency of financial
institutions and financial crisis management, banking and
financial regulation, Islamic law, WTO law, Preferential Trade
Agreements, international investment law, sovereign debt
management and restructuring, insurance law, ethics in business
and finance, and corporate social responsibility.

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