This list is for black UCU members to exchange ideas, discuss current issues that impact black members and promote events that are relevant to black members.

This list has the following description:

Dear black member,

Welcome to the QMUCU black members email list.

The QMUCU black members email list is a forum for black UCU members
at QMUL to discuss UCU-related issues. In order to facilitate debate and
exchange relevant information, the list must be a safe place for all
members to express their opinions on specific issues, and to contribute

Individual posts to the list are not moderated. It is therefore important that
users observe community standards of acceptable behaviour. While this
will usually be a matter of common sense, decency and courtesy, we
would ask all participants to observe the following rules when posting to
the list:

1. Use this list for to its purpose, which is: to communicate about union
-related and union-relevant issues that impact black members.
2. Debate, dissent and criticisms are welcome, but personal attacks on
individuals or specific groups of individuals are not acceptable.
3. Racism, sexism, homophobia and other forms of hate-speech will
not be tolerated.
4. Avoid contents that could put you or QMUL UCU into legal jeopardy.
5. The general rules of
practice also apply.

In short, we ask all members of this list to take responsibility for
maintaining a constructive, interesting and high-quality environment for
discussion and exchanges. This will improve discussion and benefit
everyone on the list.

With all good wishes,

QMUCU Black Members Rep, with the QMUCU Equalities Team

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